Custom Ear Plugs

The product

Custom moulded ear plugs attenuate by 30db average, minimum required by CE standard CE EN 352-2 is 22db.  They are comfortable, won’t shrink, they’re easy to clean and they are Hypo-allergenic (no allergic reactions)  Easy to keep clean they come with a small plastic pouch.

First I examine your ear to make sure all is OK in there and fit small sponge ‘stoppers’ at the end of a piece of cotton, to stop the next process going in too far, for we don’t want to lose anything!  I then mix the Instamold® unique material to a choice of your colour(s) and this is syringed into your ear, making a perfect impression. Ten minutes to set and your part in the process is complete. This ‘impression’ will be the finished product and all later work on the ear plug, finishing, coating, fitting of filters, ear monitors etc. is all done ‘in house’.

The ear plugs require 12 hours to cure and then are hand finished. The durable clear coating is applied, then comes the fitting of the Hocks Noisebreaker® filters or sound monitors, as required.  You would normally receive your earplugs by post three to four days after being ‘fitted’.


Featherweight none filtered ear plugs                                      £65.00

Just a straight forward earplug.  All day comfort ... does what it says on the tin



Featherweight ear plugs with Hocks® filters                           £85.00

The filters allow music or speech from helmet speakers to come through clearer and usually at less volume than without them.  You will hear the two tone horns chasing you, and will be able to hold a normal conversation with someone.  The harmful noises are reduced to much safer levels.



Featherweight ear plugs with OTS sound monitors                £165.00

Based on the ‘air tube’ system whereby the speakers transfer the sound up to you ears via plastic tubes as in a stethoscope. A tiny loss of quality over in ear speakers might be found, but hey, a Bose surround system on a motorcycle at 70mph would have no advantage.  The air tube way is so reliable ... there have been no returns or complaints in ten years; unlike the in ear speakers whereby the wires all too frequently break where they leave the earplug.

Speakers 10 Ohm 123dB @ 1KHz to 5,500Hz   Cable PU02.5mm 6 core with 3.5mm plug

Ideal for the MP3/iPod user.

Gucci family motto ... “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”