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Custom Ear Plugs was originally started in September 2002 when Jim Brown became franchised to Green Leopard to make custom moulded ear plugs.  Jim’s only advertising was by word of mouth, and being an accomplished shooter and motorcyclist Jim had plenty of takers for the product in these spheres of sport.  Jim was later to ‘go it alone’ and setting very high standards his customer base grew.  The rest is history so to speak!

Jim supplied Sue Wilson and me with a pair of Featherweight filtered ear plugs for our very own ‘Long Way Home’ six month motorcycle adventure and we had nothing but praise for the product.  They were comfortable for all day every day use, even in the 50 degrees heat of Turkmenistan, they also survived a thorough dousing in petrol in Siberia.  The ear plugs were, quite simply, a godsend.  I was still using them five years later. Jim was diagnosed terminal cancer in 2008 and I took over the business of making bespoke custom earplugs.

Almost every other provider of custom ear plugs takes an impression of your ear and this goes away to make a mould, from which the finished article is then produced. My way, the original way, is to produce the ear plug in your ear.  This can only be the best way for there is no room for discrepancy to creep in.  There are no middle men, the whole process is under my control. If you are not happy then I’m not happy!


  Every ear plug is a unique piece of art

Mick Wheeler

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